Dear Reader,

For months I agonized over building a website. Designing it, writing content, gathering photos... But still things just didn't feel right. Promoting myself as a product or a service seemed the wrong approach for me. I journeyed on it. The spirits gave me the guidance that I was to bring the knowledge to the people. That I was to open myself to serving and not force it. So that's when I decided that I would put this note on this site. An open offer, if you will. I am always seeking locations for workshops, offering sessions, teaching apprenticeships, and leading demonstrations and info sessions. Below you will find a list of the skills I have and the topics I teach. If you are interested in learning more or have questions about learning or scheduling a healing session please email me. Prices and rates are on a sliding scale depending on your circumstances. Trades are also considered. But please don't let cost dissuade you; talking is always free and a great place to start.

Much love,
- Michael


Shamanic Pathways

This workshop is for total beginners or those wishing to restart their Shamanic journey. You will learn time-honored techniques for healing that will empower you to work with others to retrieve their own lost power. This workshop is a great foundation for more advanced workshops that require you to knowing how to begin this transformative journey.Cost: $80
To register, please email

1 Year Shamanic Apprenticeship

Ongoing | Canaan, New York

This training takes place once per month over the course of a year. You will be trained in all aspects of Shamanic practice as well as other healing techniques.
Cost: $100 per session - All 12 classes are required to obtain completion
To apply, please contact me


Shamanic Teaching

Shamanism is possibly the oldest and most wide spread healing practice known to man. The shaman is someone that walks the line between the physical and metaphysical worlds. Traditional shamans communicate with spirits in order to help clients and the planet heal. These days shamans can be found in almost all walks of life. Training to be a shamanic practitioner is a beautiful and humbling experience. Learning ways to heal yourself, others, and the planet is an extraordinary way to tap into your potential.

Healing Breathwork

Breath work is a very powerful and unique method to help heal the past dramatic experiences and some illnesses. Using specific techniques clients can work through pasture medic experiences to find knowledge in healing. Practitioners of this type of breath work can be found all over the world. Sessions can be held one-on-one or can be done in group workshops.

Walking with Intention

Walking with intention means to move forward with a specific goal in mind. For thousands of years our ancestors have walked across hot coals or other sharp surfaces as a way to clear their mind and move towards something they desire. We offer two forms of walking with intention. The first being fire walking. Fire walking has a very rich and beautiful history dating back thousands of years. Religions and cultures spread all over the world practice different forms of fire walking. The Vikings walked on hot chains. In Peru they walk across to red-hot stones that are heated in a large fire. In Hawaii the kahunas will walk across recently cooled lava beds. They are walking is a fantastic way to demonstrate how you can conquer your fear and move forward without being limited by your thoughts to reach your potential.
The second option is glass walking. Glass walking can have the same benefits as fire walking but is a slightly different practice. By moving slowly across a bed of broken glass, you can learn ways to clear your mind and achieve levels of focus you never thought possible.

Medicine for the Earth

As the days go by, it becomes more and more clear that the planet needs healing. Using tools and techniques given to me by my teacher, Sandra Ingerman, you will learn practices that will help to heal yourself, help others, and to aid the planet.


Still in the process of becoming a Reiki Master so I may teach this wonderful healing art. But please contact me if you would like to set up a Reiki session.