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Shamanic Work

Modern-day medical practices focus on the physical. Psychotherapy focuses on the emotional and mental. None of these address perhaps the most important part--the spiritual. It is a scientific fact that our bodies are made of energy. When our energy field is healthy, our body and our mind usually follow suit. Shamanic medicine, whose healing practices predate organized religion and may have its roots as far back as the Paleolithic era, balances the energies in the body, mind, and spirit to promote healing from within.

Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.
- Hippocrates

We offer several different techniques of Shamanic healing and practice to aid with depression, anxiety, pain, stress, past trauma, divination, and many more. Shamanic healing is one of most time honored traditions of natural healing.

We also offering classes and workshops for those that are interested in becoming Shamanic Practitioners. For more information, please visit Or you can find more shamanic teachers in your area by going to

If you have any questions on if Shamanic medicine might work for you, or for information sessions and fees, please feel free to contact us.