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Healing Breathwork

Increase the capacity to heal through breath

Every time you inhale, divine spirit goes inside you, and you merge with divine spirit, becoming one ... Every time you exhale, your love is so intense and profound that you go inside divine spirit and merge into one. - don Miguel Ruiz


Breath is essential to life. It creates flow and is the basis of several practices from yoga to meditation to even childbirth. Breath work releases stuck energy and promotes inner healing.

A simple breathing technique is used to allow your mind to sink and your sub-conscious to open, releasing memories, thoughts, or dreams. By bringing these experiences to your attention, the mind and body can use the information to begin a self-healing process.

A typical breathwork session last an hour, minimum. For safety reasons, the practice is done lying on the floor. Blankets, pillows, and cushioning are provided to make you as comfortable as possible. You are welcome to bring your own if it makes you more comfortable.

Breathwork is usually done in private, one-to-one sessions, but it can also be done as a workshop for small groups. Participants are grouped into pairs and work together during the exercise.

Fees for Breathwork vary depending on your goals and the amount of time needed for the practice. Please contact us for more information.