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Owl Essence is a holistic and alternative healing practice. Offering a range of therapies, workshops, and practices to help bring balance, relieve stress and maintain health and vitality.

We focus on mind, body and spirit using Shamanic healing techniques, Reiki and several other time-honored methods.

Workshops & Events

Shamanic Pathways

This workshop is for total beginners or those wishing to restart their Shamanic journey. You will learn time-honored techniques for healing that will empower you to work with others to retrieve their own lost power. This workshop is a great foundation for more advanced workshops that require you to knowing how to begin this transformative…

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1 Year Apprenticeship

This training takes place once per month over the course of a year. You will be trained in all aspects of Shamanic practice as well as other healing techniques. All 12 classes are required to obtain completion Cost $100 per session

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